What we offer

We strongly believe that all children have tremendous potential. Not only are they capable of learning a great deal and quickly, but they grow daily in their desire to explore the world. They seek exposure to a variety of things and continuously ask questions. It is our responsibility to nourish their interests and offer them answers.

We offer a challenging learning environment, where children are exposed to a variety of activities and encouraged to learn new things. By allowing the children to develop in a multi-cultural and nourishing environment, they are given the skills to be become confident young individuals.

For working families we offer a support system where family life, school and work can be combined. Parents can be assured that their child/ren receive a high quality of care and education, whilst they can focus on their working day. The Daycare and Kindergarten is bilingual, English and Swissgerman. Teachers speak to the children in their mother tongue and the focus is the person is the language.

The school was formed as the result of the needs of the owner, who has children attending the school and therefore has a personal interest to provide the highest quality of care and education.