Neither the parents themselves nor the school alone can provide everything a child needs. Both are necessary and should support each other. Open communication promotes healthy working relationships.

  • In addition to the short information exchanged with the parents daily at drop-off and pick-up times, the parents of each child will have at least one yearly meeting with the responsible member of staff where the development, strengths and weaknesses of that particular child will be discussed.
  • Parents will be informed of how we experience the child as an individual and in group social situations. Likewise we expect and want parents to share with us their experiences and provide us with any important information that may be necessary to enable us to support the child in their development as an individual.
  • At the beginning of each term, the parents will receive a program summarizing the focus points for that term. This allows parents to be informed and involved in the program that is presented to their child. Feedback is always welcome.
  • Regular meetings take place with the staff in order to provide prompt and effective communication. These enable problems or needs to be identified very quickly and to react accordingly. There are short weekly meetings on various levels and larger meetings monthly.
  • The school information board in both the Kindergarten and Daycare should be checked regularly.
  • Each class has an information board at the entrance of the class or group, please check for updates.
  • Twice per year a newsletter is distributed with information and updates.

The school has relationships with larger companies, which reserve fixed places at the school for the children of their employees. We also keep in touch with other institutions as well as with research on educational developments in and out of Switzerland. This enables us to be stay up to date with changing educational issues.