As their educational setting, it is our responsibility to support them in their development. Research tells us that a child’s developmental potential is heightened if he/she feels secure. We are also told that children need boundaries and structure to feel safe. Therefore, during each day, children are offered a clear structure and focus.

Children thrive most when they are stimulated not only mentally but physically and creatively. Children deserve mutual respect where they learn to grow as individuals. Our environment focusses on learning from mistakes rather than experiencing them as failure. By offering a supportive, nurturing, non-judgmental environment, we believe children can learn to grow from not only what they learn educationally, but their mistakes, their social interactions and their own recognition of who they are as an individual. We thrive to expose them to all forms of education and highten all their senses.

Class and group allocation is based on the group constellation. Mixed age groups or classes offer the child the opportunity to sense their own boundaries and achieve their potential. Variety and diversity promote social skills.

In the Daycare there is a selection of German and English speaking staff. The Kindergarten classes each have one educated English speaking and one educated German speaking staff member. Lessons are prepared and presented in the Teachers main language; this means there is always one clear language per activity. These activities and the languages are equally planned throughout the day.

Daycare Groups (3 months to approx. 4 years four groups of 11)

The Daycare group’s first priority to take good care of the children and give them the love and attention they need. They will provide a wide range of games, toys and books as well as music and movements.

Kindergarten (Approx. 4 to 7 years four groups of 12)

Aims to enhance all areas of development. Attention will be given to playful and challenging activities that are based on our curriculum to prepare the child for school. Our curriculum is in accordance with the Kanton Zürich Kindergarten guidelines.

Kids Club (5 to approx. 12 years one group of 10)

Kids Club offers after school care for children between 12.00 and 18.30. The focus of Kids Club is to support children with homework and offer age appropriate fun activities

Holiday Club (5 to approx. 12 years one group of 10)

Holiday Club is provided within all long official Kanton Zürich School holidays. The Holiday Club runs between 7.30 and 18.30 and aims to offer children fun holiday activities.

Lunch is provided daily.