The early years in a child’s life have a great impact on their development, both psychological and social. It is part of our professional role as their educational environment, to support the children on their path into adulthood. Our philosophy focusses on the child as the individual, supporting them in their educational as well as social growth and allowing them to develop into future adults, parents, social citizens.

Our principles include:

  • A safe, clean and healthy environment where the children can learn and develop themselves both individually but also as part of a group.
  • Provide stimulating and motivating activities which encourage involvement and social integration.
  • An environment which promotes qualities such as self-confidence, respect, knowledge, judgment, thinking, communication, responsibility, self-control, honesty, courage, decision making, kindness, sharing, caring, helping and forgiving.
  • A NON-discriminative and NON-denominational environment where every child is treated equally regardless of color, race, religion, looks or other.
  • A diversity of subjects and social issues which are interpreted through projects and activities focusing on cognitive thinking, psychology, physiology and language. Children are exposed to all the world has to offer in order to broaden their understanding of the world and their role in it.
  • An environment where parents and staff work together in order to attain mutual goals. Open communication with parents allows each child to be supplied with the «wings to fly».