Weekly Program

The weekly program is arranged in such a way as to allow children to interact during the common hours, whilst promoting their individuality during the subject sessions. The program for each class is organized and provides a distributed spread of subjects throughout the week. There can be minor differences between the Daycare and Kindergarten, as well as the different groups or classes.

Morning session

7.30 – 8.50 Arrival, breakfast and preparation

During this time the children will have the opportunity to eat something if they arrive before 08.30 and to play in the classroom (in Kindergarten – the gym room or library)

Afternoon session

9.00 – 11.30 Learning

During this time children take part in various activities such as the morning circle, outings, freeplay.
These activities are planned and coordinated by the child care/teaching staff.

Lunch session

11.30 – 14.00 Lunch, Nap, Relax

A hot meal prepared in our in-house Kitchen, by a qualified Chef is provided daily. The menu is published at the beginning of the week. Meals will include things like spaghetti, chicken with potatoes, meat with vegetables etc. After lunch children will have the opportunity to relax by either taking a short nap, playing or listening to a story.

Snack session

15.15 – 16.15 Snack

At around 16.00 our basic day ends and children who stay later either in the Kindergarten or Daycare, can get together for a small snack (fruit) at around 17.30.


17.30 – 18.30 Play, Departure

At 17.30 the children prepare for the end of the day. They help tidy up and play together with other groups until parents come and pick them up.

At the beginning of each month, a detailed overview of the educational material used, aswell as learning aims are made available for parents. This allows parents to be actively involved in and informed of their childs learning.