Curriculum Overviewt


  • Social Studies (cultures, people, clothing, food)
  • Geography (maps, continents & seas, countries, cities)
  • Food & Cooking
  • Human Body, Health (medical exams, dental,physical, eye, ear)
  • Animals, Birds, Plants/Trees
  • Transportation, Weather
  • Safety & Dangers (poisons, fire, road)
  • Emotional (feelings, ownership, success/failure, respect,patience, recognition


Children are taught in both English and Swiss-german.
The languages are clearly distinguished. Staff only speak to the children in one language; this averts potential language mix ups. Language development includes learning basic phonics, introduction into the alphabet, visual aids, understanding the language and using it accurately.

Arts & Crafts

The aim of the arts subject is to develop Creativity and Aesthetic appreciation. The children will experience a wide variety of media such as drawing, painting, clay, hammers & nails, nuts & bolts, dough, scissors, paper, cardboard, glue, tape felt etc. The children’s artwork will be displayed in classrooms and school hallways. At the end of each year the children can take their work home with them.

Sports – Physical Education

Once per week a local gym hall within the School Rebhügel is at our disposal. Classes are prepared to enhance the children’s gross motor and balance skills using various equipment. As we do not have a garden, we endeavor to go outside atleast 3 times per week, and make use of local playgrounds as well as parks. It is important to us that children can spend a great deal of time outdoors.

Music & Dance

One of the very important parts of learning is music. Music is a form of expression, we regularly sing, dance as well as introduce the children to a variety of instruments as well as music styles. The children are encouraged to creatively develop their rhythm, sense of movement and learn to experience their body through sound.

Math & Sciences

The science subject aims to introduce the children to the basic concepts of mathematics, physics and chemistry. Our goal includes students approaching science with curiosity, enjoyment and fascination. They will get the opportunity to have hands-on experience with several experiments, learn to think, observe and analyze, problem solve and apply their learning. They will be introduced to concepts such as weights, speed, light, sound, sizes, numbers etc. Children are additionally introduced to computers.


We arrange 1 – 2 full-day excursions per year as well as several half-day excursions. In many cases the excursions will be linked to a current theme.