Kids Club

High quality age-appropriate after-school care

Kids Club is an afterschool program offered to provide high quality care for school children aged from five to 12 years between the hours of 12.00 – 18.30 or 12.00 – 14.00. Our priority is to provide the children with a developmentally appropriate program in a caring environment run by an English-speaking Teacher. In our Kids Club children are given the opportunity to learn or improve their English language skills.

In addition to assisting the children with their homework we also offer stimulating activities to support their schoolwork. The children can take part in a variety of art and craft projects, play various games and read and listen to stories. They can enjoy exploring the outdoors on an afternoon walk.

So that we are able to ensure the quality of care and individual support we have a maximum of ten children per day.

Nutrition is important to us so the children are provided with balanced, healthy meals and snacks prepared by our qualified Chef and her team. They cook with seasonal products and also take into account any intolerances/allergies of the children.

Kids Club begins at 12.00pm but it is also possible to join any time after noon.

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Kids Club

Gym room / Art room / Activity room

Wings Holiday Club

Holiday care with adventurous and exciting activities

The holiday club offers care during the holidays and is an extension to the Kids club. Holiday Club covers all of the school holidays for the city of Zürich. The holiday program is planned and run by the Kids club teacher. It offers stimulating, adventurous and exciting age-appropriate activities for children ages five-12 years.

The holiday club is also in English and is available to any students that would like to participate, regardless if they are already visiting the kids club.

The activities are within the following areas: special projects, organised activities and different day trips such as: trips to the Transport Museum in Luzern, Zoo, Museums exhibitions, trips to the planetarium, hiking, swimming, baking and many other exciting activities.

Our daily maximum is 12 children. Our official start is at 9:30 but if you are working parents then you also have the opportunity to send the children between 7:30 and 8:30 where they can eat breakfast, play with the football table, board games, paint, puzzles or compose music on our keyboard.


In Summer the Wings school families are invited to our yearly barbecue. It is a possibility for the teachers and parents to get to know each other on a personal level.

Turnip Parade (Räbenliechtli)

Every year the Daycare, Kindergarten and Kids club team invite the Wings school families to walk through the neighbourhood with their turnips and join us for an aperitif afterwards.

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Child girl barbecue