Wings school rooms

Our school is located in the heart of Zurich Binz and is easily accessible  by public transport.


Eichstrasse 29, 8045 Zurich
2 floors, approx. 1200 m2, 3m high rooms.


The school operates from 7.30 am to 18.30 throughout the year.

Vacations as follows:

  • 1 week over Christmas
  • 1 week (first week of August or the last week in July)
  • All national holidays
  • 2 afternoons for team building
  • Closed on Sechsileuten but open all day on Knabenschiessen
Enrollment & fees

Our enrollment procedure for our school and the fees for the care

A meeting with the parents is arranged where they will be informed of all the pertaining details. An application form is then completed. Once the school contract has been signed and the registration fee has been paid the child is then enrolled to attend. Once a place becomes available, the parents are contacted and offered a place.

The parents are then introduced to the class teacher and subsequent visits are arranged for the child’s integration into the class.

If a child is leaving the school, a three month notice has to be given in order to be able to find a replacement. If this can be done quicker, then of course the child can leave at an earlier stage.

Registration fee

The fees are to be paid at the beginning of the month.

Registration fee (one time- non-refundable) 1000.– CHF
(CHF 500.– for Kids Club)

Monthly school fee

Daycare / Kindergarten

5 days 2600.– CHF
4 days 2080.– CHF
3 days 1560.– CHF
2 days 1040.– CHF

Registration form

Kids Club

5 days 1300.– CHF
4 days 1040.– CHF
3 days 780.– CHF
2 days 520.– CHF

Registration form

Holiday Club

per day 130.– CHF

Registration form


Our staff has long hours as it is and we expect parents to respect the start and finish times. Late pick-up will be fined as follows:

Up-to 30 minutes 50.– CHF
30 – 60 minutes 100.– CHF

In addition to the hours mentioned, we also offer the classes:

Ballet weekly CHF 240.– per Semester
Wushu (Martial Arts) weekly CHF 360.– per Semester
Yoga weekly CHF 300.– per Semester

These events take place based to demand. The resulting costs will be charged separately.